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Environment Fund Administration

  •   Who we are
    • The Environment Fund Administration is the main institution that provides financial support for the implementation of projects and programs for environmental protection.
    • The Environment Fund Administration is a public institution coordinated by the Ministry of Environment, financed entirely from its own revenues, according to the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 196/2005 on the Environment Fund, approved with amendments and completions by Law no. 105/2006, as subsequently amended and supplemented.
    • The Administration of the Environment Fund has as main objective the financing and implementation of several categories of programs for the sustainable development of Romania and the improvement of the environmental infrastructure.

  •   What we do
    • The Environment Fund Administration is responsible for the management of the Environmental Fund, designed to support and carry out environmental projects, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
    • The EFA supports the funding for 27 categories of national projects and programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, increasing the carbon dioxide storage capacity emitted into the atmosphere and reducing the effects of pollution on water, air and soil.
    • According to the legislation in force, the projects funded by the Environment Fund are stipulated in art. 13 (1) of GEO no. 196/2005. By implementing these programs, EFA makes a significant contribution to improving environmental conditions and raising public awareness of environmental issues.

  •   To whom we address
    • Financial support is provided from the Environmental Fund for the projects proposed by natural and legal persons, public or private law, including administrative-territorial units and municipal administrative-territorial subdivisions, intercommunity development associations, public institutions, institutes/Institutes of research, development, innovation, units and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, recognized cults according to the law, associative forms of management and exploitation of agricultural land or forest vegetation, economic operators, forestry associations, owners associations, Individual businesses and family businesses.

  •   Most important EFA’s Programmes
    • Waste management;
    • Protection of water resources, integrated water supply systems, sewerage and treatment plants;
    • Afforestation of degraded lands, ecological reconstruction and sustainable management of woods;
    • Public’s education and awareness on environmental protection;
    • Increasing the production of energy out of renewable sources;
    • The Programme for installing heating systems which make use of renewable energy, including the replacement or supplement of the classic heating systems;
    • The national program for improving environmental quality by creating green spaces in the localities from the urban environment;
    • The Programme regarding the stimulation of national car park renewal;
    • The Programme for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport by promoting energy-efficient road transport vehicles.

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